Should You Kiss Your Dog?

31 Jul 2013

We all sleep with click and realize our dogs at the door, tails wagging, and looking out yearningly at United States. we tend to swoop down, offer them a hug and plant a juicy kiss on their faces, usually permitting them to reciprocate with a lick on the nose, cheek, or mouth. however is that this sanitary? are you able to get sick from cuddling your dog? a brand new study could have you ever thinking double concerning belongings your dog lick your face.
The Study

In 2011, a team of Japanese researchers collected bacterial plaque from sixty six dogs and eighty one humans WHO visited dog coaching faculties and animal clinics in Okayama, Japan. The plaque was placed below the magnifier and analyzed for signs of microorganism. As theorized, the analysis results as revealed within the journal Archives of Oral Biology determined that each humans and dogs contain microorganism in their mouths, that may doubtless be transferred to every alternative through kissing.”
Kissing Your Dog will result in Gum malady

Researchers found disease-causing peridontopathic microorganism gift in plaque of each the dogs and humans tested. This microorganism is connected to periodontis, a severe sort of gum malady that, in line with the Pacific Northwest Veterinary medical practitioner & Oral Surgery Center, causes the destruction of the supporting tissues of the tooth and may result in cardiovascular disease, nephrosis, and polygenic disease.
Types of microorganism Found within the Samples

The study disclosed that 3 varieties of disease-causing oral bacteria: Porphyromonas gulae, Tannerella bush, and Campylobacter musculus were oft found within the dogs, whereas the detection rates of these species in humans were less frequent. There goes the parable that your dogs mouth is cleaner than yours.

The plaque samples conjointly showed the looks of Porphyromonas gulae in thirteen human subjects and every one of their tested dogs. additionally, researchers revealed that microorganism called, Eikenella corrodens and spirochaete denticola in specimens obtained from dogs were correlate with their presence in specimens from house owners WHO had shut contact with them.

In case the scientific names for the assorted microorganism area unit too discouraging, the short version is this: they’re all understand to cause periodontitis.
Dr. Oz Weighs in

If this study isnt compelling enough, Oprahs right man, Dr. Mehmet Oz, hosted a phase on his show many years agone warning a dog owner concerning potential hazards committed kissing along with her pup.

If your pooch may be a scavenger, then a canine lick on the lips may jeopardize your health. The half-eaten hot dog your dog found on the road or the faeces he was nibbling on might be loaded with germs and microorganism like toxocara, salmonella, giardia, hookworm, flatworm and lots of others, golf stroke your familys health in danger, Dr. Oz aforesaid in associate degree interview with individuals Pets.

The bottom line is this: as loveable as those doggy kisses could also be, they’ll offer United States quite we tend to asked for within the sort of gum malady caused by organisms not commonly found within the human mouth. you’ll be able to show your feeling to your dog for Valentines Day, or at the other time however its most likely best to share a hug or a pat and save the cuddling for your human pack members.

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